Base Metals Trading

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Base Metals Trading



Many types of Industries & Firms are into base metals trading. Here some does for investment & some for the physical price exposure due to their involvement in the supply chain of the metal.

Base metals is specially designed for MCX traders to gain in Metal Segments on daily basis with perfect entry and exit. COPPER, ZINC, LEAD, ALUMINIUM are the four majorly use into this trading. In India metal industry has good quality with huge deposits of natural resources in minerals.

  • Daily 1-2 Calls in Metals Segments.
  • Earn daily handsome amount.
  • Accuracy Above 99%.
  • 1 Target & 1 Stop loss.
  • All calls related to MCX Metal Segment like COPPER, ZINC , LEAD, ALUMINIUM.
  • Complete Supports will be provided via SMS, Call & Chat.

Advantages of Base Metal Trading

  • Unlike other investments (e.g. Gold bullions) physical possession is possible.
  • Completely independent of other markets, Metal makes a great diversifying tool.
  • Variety of metals in a wide.
  • Metal is always in use - Essential, global currency.
  • Great inflation hedge.
  • There are many investment types to choose from.