Intraday Trading

Intraday trading refers to the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within a one-day time frame is called day trading or intraday trading.

Trial 2000

Quaterly 45000

Half Yearly 90000

Delivery Trading

The biggest advantage of delivery based trading is that you are not bound with time for selling the stock like Intraday Trading. You can hold the stocks.

Trial 9000

Quaterly 52000

Half Yearly 85000

Nifty Futures Trading

Around 1-2 Trades will be given per day on average basis, Say Around 15-20 Nifty Calls In 22 Trading Session in a Month, 99% accuracy is assured.

Trial 9000

Quaterly 65000

Half Yearly 115000

Bullion Trading

Good quality calls. 1-2 calls on a daily basis, Complete Supports will be provided via SMS, Call & Chat, An accuracy of 95% maintained on all.

Trial 14000

Quaterly 70000

Half Yearly 115000

Base Metal Trading

Base metals is specially designed for MCX traders to gain in Metal Segments on daily basis with perfect entry and exit.

Trial 13000

Quaterly 70000

Half Yearly 115000

Energy Trading

Daily 1-2 Calls in Commodity Energy market, 99% Accuracy, Predictions for Crude Oil & Natural Gas etc. Calls during Trading Hours for Intraday and position.

Trial 14000

Quaterly 75000

Half Yearly 130000

Equity Combo Trading

Daily 1-2 Cash intraday Calls with Entry, Exit & Target Levels, Follow Ups, All Important News & Information, Nifty Review, Support & Resistance, etc.

Trial 12000

Quaterly 230000

Half Yearly 400000

Commodity Combo Trading

Updates will be given Daily for Bullions, Metal, Agri, & Crude oil etc. Update Calls are given for MCX & NCDEX Both, 1-2 Calls in a Day during Trading Hours.

Trial 14000

Quaterly 170000

Half Yearly 300000

Forex Trading

98% Accuracy, 1-2 Calls on Forex, Intraday and position call daily at market time, Proper entry, exit level, follow-ups and updates, Important updates.

Trial 7000

Quaterly 50000

Half Yearly 85000

Agri Products Trading

Daily 1-2 Calls in AGRI PRODUCTS in NCDEX, Earn daily handsome amount, 98% Accuracy, 1 Target & 1 Stop loss, All Calls related to NCDEX AGRI segment.

Trial 10000

Quaterly 82000

Half Yearly 145000